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New Echoes-Album 'DANCING' released on ACT Music!

- now available through iTunes and at shops worldwide -

'...a waltz through the history of jazz, an anthology which takes a wry look at the theme of dance in jazz, occasionally heading off at a tangent, and making some very surprising connections. It begins at the very beginning with Johann Sebastian Bach. A Gavotte from the English suite No. 6, a baroque dance, is transformed into a melodic platform for an effervescent drum feature. A journey through James P. Johnson’s ‘Charleston’ ('straightened out' into a modern jazz waltz), Scott Joplin’s ‘Ragtime Dance’, Cole Porter’s ‘Dream Dancing’, or Sidney Bechet’s ‘Premier Bal’ to Pixinguinha’s Brasilian Choro ‘Diplomata’, Bernd Lhotzky’s Cuban Bolero ‘Salir a la Luz’ or the exotic Ellington-like timbre of ‘Ballet Of The Dunes’ from Chris Hopkins. This is dance in jazz, but not as we know it. For a start, a third of the tracks are original compositions, and all of the remaining tunes have been not so much arranged, but more like given a complete and thorough overhaul. The older selections now possess a new ‘hipness’ and have been brought stylistically right up to the present day. This album presents the winning combination of flawless musicianship, a comprehensive knowledge of music history, good taste and judgement, and a sly sense of humour. Each of the tracks of “Dancing” communicates simultaneously and directly with the brain, the emotions and down to your feet. There is quite simply a very wide range of delights for the listener to enjoy.' (excerpt from the liner notes) More Info: see DOWNLOAD in menu left, for titles and more details check CD-SHOP (click here).


ECHOES OF SWING live in German Television

ECHOES OF SWING present their new album BLUE PEPPER at the BR-'Abendschau' on Public German Television (Bayerisches Fernsehen).



ECHOES OF SWING have been invited to perform at the 'BMW World Jazz Award 2014'. The competition which is supported overall with 15,000 Euros, is this year under the motto 'Sense Of Humour'. From a multitude of entries, ECHOES OF SWING was one of six ensembles from six different countries chosen to perform before a live audience and jury. The jury is presided over by Oliver Hochkeppel from the South German Times (Sueddeutsche Zeitung), and consists of Andreas Kolb (Chief Editor of the Jazz Zeitung/Neue Musikzeitung), Roland Spiegel (Bavarian Radio), Heike Lies (Department of Culture for the City of Munich) and Christiane Boehnke-Geisse (Unterfahrt Jazzclub). All the concerts at the 'BMW World Jazz Award' will be presented by Beate Sampson (Bavarian Radio). The concert with Colin T. Dawson, Chris Hopkins, Bernd Lhotzky, and Oliver Mewes will take place in Munich at the BMW World's glass pavilion on the 16th of February.

PDF-Download: Program BMW-World Jazz Award (click here)


New album 'BLUE PEPPER' nominated for


The new album "BLUE PEPPER" (ACT Music) of the quartet ECHOES OF SWING with Colin T. Dawson, Chris Hopkins, Bernd Lhotzky und Oliver Mewes was recently nominated for the German Record Critics' Award (Quarterly Critics' Choice I/2014)

The German Record Critics' Award ("Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik") was established in 1980 to set the "most rigorous standards for supreme achievement and quality" in the field of music recording. The German Record Critics' Award Association consists of up to 145 music critics, writers, musicologists and editors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland actively involved in the assessment of CDs and DVDs. Its mission is to provide producers, composers, artists and music lovers with an honest guide to new releases of true artistic significance.


ECHOES OF SWING are the cover story of JazzPodium

More recent reviews on the new album'BLUE PEPPER'

In the course of the CD release the German magazine JazzPodium dedicates the cover story to 'Echoes of Swing' - read the full interview here:
PDF-Download: JazzPodiumCoverTitelstory (click here)

More recent reviews:

THE GUARDIAN (4 star review),

CD info and reviews (click here)


New album 'BLUE PEPPER' released on ACT Music

The new album 'BLUE PEPPER' has been released and is now available.
CD-SHOP (click here)

* With a unique and many-sided approach to Jazz, the quartet builds bridges between yesteryear and tomorrow: In a hue of Blue. *

"A wonderful collection, each track is a gem! 'Echoes of Swing' collectively presents an approach like no other quartet, while individually each player is a master." DICK HYMAN


ECHOES OF SWING sign contract with ACT

New album out soon (autumn 2013)

ECHOES OF SWING have just signed a contract with 'ACT Music + Vision'. Founded in 1992 by Siggi Loch, the recording company has worldwide distribution and an extensive catalogue of 350 productions. ACT is now renowned as one of the leading independent Jazz labels. From 2010 until 2012 ACT was acknowledged as ‘Jazz label of the year’ and honoured with the ‘ECHO’ jazz award. The first ECHOES OF SWING album on the ACT label will be released in autumn 2013. ECHOES OF SWING look forward a to productive collaboration with ACT.


New award for Chris Hopkins:

‘Keeper Of The Flame 2013‘

Chris Hopkins is ‘Keeper Of The Flame’ prize winner 2013. The accolade, that was first presented in 2010, is awarded to exceptional musical personalities who have rendered outstanding services to classic jazz in Europe.

In his presentation speech, Mr. Klaus D. Pott, of the Osnabr?ck Jazz Club, was greatly appreciative of Chris Hopkins’ determined path of both preserving and regenerating this jazz tradition: ‘Chris Hopkins has, over many years, constantly provided swinging jazz with new artistic impulses and will surely continue to do so, so that this music can inspire future audiences. The swinging jazz combo of today (and I am totally convinced in this matter), in its present multifaceted and top quality form, would not have reached such levels if not for Chris Hopkins, and by that I mean not only in German speaking countries, but indeed Europe and worldwide.'

The award ceremony and presentation recently took place as part of an ‘Echoes of Swing’ concert at the sold out ‘Blue Note’ Cinema Arthouse in Osnabr?ck, Germany.


New CD on 'Echoes of Swing Prod.'

Bernd Lhotzky & Chris Hopkins: 'PARTNERS IN CRIME' (piano duets)

'Without any sense of consideration to Beethoven, Elise is forcibly kidnapped by Dave Brubeck! Meanwhile, far away in the dead end of a snowy Moscow back alley, a KGB agent croons to his victim a last blood-curdling lullaby. From the cellar of a dimly lit establishment drift the strains of a sultry ballad, during which the Lion creeps silently and undetected, making his escape. Two flick-knife wielding Latin types bitterly contest a deadly duel and in Bochum there is the strange disappearance of a sausage from the heavily guarded refrigerator…'

Following up the success of the CD ‘Tandem‘, Bernd Lhotzky and Chris Hopkins continue their long-standing collaboration on two pianos with the new album ‘Partners in Crime‘. The uncompromisingly puristic recordings on two exceptional Steinway concert grand pianos will surely satisfy the demands of the keenest audiophile.


ECHOES OF SWING - “Message From Mars”:

4 stars in DO and other US magazines

The ECHOES OF SWING album 'Message from Mars' received a 4 star review in the current September issue of the legendary magazine DOWNBEAT. See excerpts of this and other recent US reviews under >>PRESS


The accolades for 'Message from Mars'continue…

Swinging Hamburg-Jazz Award' in the Hamburg Planetarium.

After the 'Prix de l'Acad?mie du Jazz' in Paris, and the 'German Record Critics Award', the album 'Message from Mars' will also be presented with the 'Swinging Hamburg-Jazz Award'. The Award ceremony will take place – appropriate to the CD title – as part of an Echoes of Swing concert in the Hamburg planetarium. The presentation of the coveted Trophy, from Swinging Hamburg e.V . will be carried out by the Trombone legend G?nter Fuhlisch (born 1921) who has over the years received many awards such as the Senator-Biermann-Ratjen-Medal, and is known for his long association (since 1953), with North German Radio and the NDR big band, as arranger, composer, radio presenter and record producer.

Comments from the Jury:
‘The CD production ‘Message from Mars’ from the band ‘Echoes of Swing’ impresses in the broad spectrum of the world- wide swing renaissance, in a very special manner. It is musically absolutely perfect, totally invigorating with new arrangements, outstanding melodious swinging solos, performed in a style that has seems to have almost fallen into obscurity -namely the small swing formations of the late 1930’s. By instantly recognizable influences, the musicians of Echoes of Swing show here that with this CD, that they not only (in the true sense of the word) live up to their band name, but prove far and beyond how one can, without copying the historic specifications, interpret new titles and melodies with utter conviction.




Some selected titles from the new album you may now view on YouTube. The video clips were recently recorded in Schloss Elmau, Bavaria.

To play the video please click on the photo

Echoes of Swing play “Butterfly Chase”
by Fr?d?ric Chopin/Bernd Lhotzky



for the new ECHOES OF SWING Album

After being presented ‘prix de l’acad?mie du jazz’ at beginning year paris, album has also awarded ‘preis der deutschen schallplattenkritik’ (best releases, first quarter 2011). echoes swing, chris hopkins, bernd lhotzky, colin dawson & oliver mewes have now been performing together constantly fourteen years. new repertoire covers styles influences varied dimitri schostakowitsch, duke ellington, arthur schutt, jazz standards original compositions. ensemble would like to thank jury and audiences, well as partners in media, concert organisers for the many years of support.


Echoes of Swing ‘MESSAGE FROM MARS’

awarded the ‘Prix de l’Acad?mie du Jazz’ in Paris

Following the ‘Grand Prix du Disque du Jazz’ for their CD ‘4 Jokers in the Pack’, Echoes of Swing have released their latest album ‘Message from Mars’. This new presentation has been awarded the most prestigious Jazz prize in France, the ‘Prix de l’Acad?mie du Jazz’ in the categorie ‘Jazz Classique’. On the 12th of January, Colin Dawson, Chris Hopkins, Bernd Lhotzky and Oliver Mewes travelled to France for the award ceremony. The presentation took place in the famous Th?atre du Ch?telet, in the centre of Paris.

Winners of other catagories included Sylvain Luc and Ahmed Jamal. Live performances were by Michel Legrand, Jean-Luc Porty, Manu Dibango & Echoes of Swing.

The award, which covers wide ranging styles of Jazz, began in 1955 and is presented annually by a 50 piece Jury consisting of Musicans, Lecturers, Authors and Journalists. Winners of previous years include: Enrico Pieranunzi, Harry Allen, Norma Winstone, David Sanborn, Stan Getz, Kenny Barron, Ron Carter, Guy Lafitte, Joachim K?hn, Hank Jones and many others.


The new album ‘MESSAGE FROM MARS’ is here!

The new, in the meantime fifth Echoes of Swing album, has now been released. First reactions from the >>PRESS:

'How refreshing and new, not at all as rusty as some traditional jazz can sound today. These four masters of swing play with such ease that one can only admire...'


'A mixture of virtuosity and humour…thrilling!'


'On the same niveau as the old masters...'


'The human race has not yet settled on Mars, and still the red planet sends us a swinging message back to us on earth. Transmitting the signal are trumpeter Colin T. Dawson, the altosaxophonist Chris Hopkins, piano player Bernd Lhotzky and drummer Oliver Mewes, every one an experienced top musician. They combine Armstrong’s searing power with Ellington’s blaze of colours.'


'Swing is not dead, infact it never left us. This is a real treat for intent music listeners. In the music of Avant-Garde jazzers such as Lester Bowie or Dave Douglas, one is facinated not only by their moderness, but also by their parallel respect & affection for the history of jazz. With the German-English-American quartet ‘Echoes of Swing’ there appears here to be a musical situation going in the opposite direction. As the band name gives away, Swing is the basis of their music. From there, the four of them travel along a winding path of musical mysteries, some of which Swing helped to form. And where the acoustic footprints have left their mark in such a productive way as here, it would be absurd to talk about music that belongs in a museum or locked up in some collection. ...hard to believe but this music, with ingenious arrangements, performed ‘en passant’, elegant, inspired, has all the qualities to keep the jazz fans of not only yesterday content, but also of the jazz fans of tomorrow.


'You don’t have to be a dedicated jazz fan to allow yourself to be carried away by the pure lust of music making - that this quartet does here, with every tune they present. Just listening to the CD  (and when you’re actually hearing the band live)... Now we know – jazz can be fun again'


'...Hopkins, Dawson, Lhotzky and Mewes take ‘Swing’ as an art form very seriously but also interpret it with great relish. This makes it simply a pleasure from start to finish. The next Jazz Prize is surely on it’s way!'


'Jazzy Chopin is Hot'

TROUW Dutch daily newspaper

' ‘Swing’ of the highest niveau is literally, in the meaning of the word, ‘celebrated’. Music that swings from the first to the last note. Simply unparalleled! The exceptional line-up of the band perhaps leads you to anticipate exceptional music. Everything is immensely harmonious, rich in variety and enthralling in every scene...As far as I am aware there is no other band that possess this kind of laid back feel that - as it stands in their name - they show here in abundance. Respect! It’s a delight.'


'...that this quartet has been for years a ‘one of a kind’ on the German jazz scene, with CD productions and a well booked calendar, they have justifiably received great recognition. With this prize-worthy CD we can imagine from the critics an imaginary 5 stars, with an extra one on top, confirms it once again.'


'...the recordings are through a highest possible degree of mutual ‘listening to one another’, interaction, and spontaneity...on elegant virtuosity. The four belong to the most prolific musicians of this genres and their marvelous relaxed arrangements take you by surprise with stylistic diversity, but also burn with such an energy that we expect of ‘Swing’. This is a musical packet that swoops from Bach to Bebop. When this group play swing then it is never going to be a trip down memory lane. What comes out the speakers is young and packed full of suspense.'



Schloss Elmau Swing Festival


27.Mai - 4.Juni 2010

Once again the Schloss Elmau Swing Festival will take place at the foot of the Wetterstein mountain range, organised by artistic director Bernd Lhotzky. Appearing at the festival will be prominent jazz stars from all over the globe, including American saxophone legend Scott Hamilton. Schloss Elmau shines like new after the reconstruction and has indeed taken on an even nobler appearance. Two concert halls equipped with several Steinway concert grand pianos, the unique location far away from the hustle and bustle, not to mention the unmatched hospitality of host Dietmar M?ller-Elmau, makes the ‘Schloss’ for musicians from varied styles, one of the most attractive venues to play anywhere. After the renovation the rooms are now larger and substancially more luxurious. We recommend booking early. There are other accomodation alternatives such as Alpengut Elmau or other hotels in Klais or the surrounding area.


ECHOES OF SWING invited to perform in Florida

Apart from the many performances in Germany or other European countries there is a special highlight in January 2010, an invitation over the Atlantic to Florida, where Echoes of Swing will be the only European ensemble taking part at one of the most exclusive events in the country where jazz was born. The festival organiser Arbors Records have spared no cost or effort for the Second Annual Arbors Records Invitational Jazz Party in the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach. Taking part will be as well as piano legend Dick Hyman many other stars such as' Dan Barrett, Rebecca Kilgore, Eddie Erickson, Harry Allen, Warren Vach?, Duke Heitger, Bucky Pizzarelli, Nicki Parrott, Ed Metz Jr., Bob Wilber to name a few'.



From the 2nd-6th August, Colin Dawson, Chris Hopkins, Bernd Lhotzky and Oliver Mewes will be performing at two prestigious festivals in Scotland. The Edinburgh Jazz Festival and the Nairn Jazz Festival. In both historic cities will also take place concerts with the 'International Stride Piano Summit' featuring the nowadays seldom seen in Europe piano virtuose Dick Hyman (82) from the U.S.A.


Presentation of Recording Prize

by the President of the 'Hot-Club de France'

In connection with the award ’GRAND PRIX du DISQUE de JAZZ“ (Prix Sp?cial du Hot Club de France), for the new Echoes of Swing CD, ’4 Jokers in the Pack’, Colin Dawson, Chris Hopkins, Bernd Lhotzky and Oliver Mewes will perform a concert tour in France. The official presentation will be on the 8th of May after the concert in Le Havre from Mr. Jean Bernard Leroy, president of the ‘Hot Club de France’.


Grand Prix de Disque for Echoes of Swing

For their latest CD production “4 JOKERS IN THE PACK“ , Echoes of Swing have been awarded in the catagorie ‘Best International Jazz Album’ the..

Grand Prix du Disque de Jazz
(Prix Sp?cial du Hot Club de France)

This is the highest annual accolade awarded by the prestigious “HOT CLUB DE FRANCE“ (established 1932). This Autumn Colin Dawson, Chris Hopkins, Bernd Lhotzky und Oliver Mewes will travel to France for the award presentation.



'Echoes of Swing' to perform in the land of the rising sun.

The ensemble ’Echoes of Swing’ have been invited to perform at the renowned Kobe Jazz Festival, as well as the Tokyo Jazz Party in October 2007. The four musicians will present selections from their new CD ‘4 Jokers in the Pack’. The group will not only meet up with well known Japanese musicians such as Eiji Kitamura, Masato Kobayashi and Eiji Hanaoka (who were invited by Echoes of Swing to perform in Germany in 2006), but will also perform for the first time before Japanese audiences who are known Jazz enthusiasts.



For the last 10 years Echoes of Swing have been performing onstage in an unchanged line-up and celebrate 2007 with a jubilee tour the length and breadth of Germany. Coinciding with the birthday is the release of the new album ‘4 Jokers in the Pack’, which has already received great reviews from many jazz critics. The French magazine ‘Jazz Classique’ has just acclaimed the album as one of the top ten releases this year. The final concert of the tour will take place on the 16th of December in the ‘JAHRHUNDERTHALLE’ in Bochum, which is already sold out.

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